Bill Jacobs

Former Vice President, Research & Analytics; Senior Strategist

Bill Jacobs was the Vice President of Research and Analytics and a Senior Strategist at Grizzard Communications Group. He brought 20 years of experience on how analytics can be leveraged to help clients generate net revenue to drive their missions.

Bill obtained his Master’s degree in Applied Sociology from Northern Arizona University, where his studies emphasized the areas of research design and program evaluation. He has taught in the School of Business and Economics at Seattle Pacific University.

Bill has helped dozens of nonprofit organizations through his analytics. His research has been featured in Newsweek, Forbes and Business Week magazines, The New York Times, CNBC’s On The Money and Chicago Tribune.

Since leaving Grizzard, Bill has enjoyed much more time with his wife Sonya, who is a soloist for the Atlanta Sacred Chorale, and their two daughters, Andi and Abby, while also squeezing in some consulting now and then. You can find him at

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