Grizzard Becomes Founding Corporate Partner of HopeMob

Grizzard and Shaun King partner to launch HopeMob

ATLANTA – Jan. 31, 2012 – Grizzard Communications Group, Inc. announced today that it has partnered with Shaun King as a founding corporate partner to launch HopeMob: What Happens When Generous Strangers UNITE!, a new charity platform that lets users vote for the most compelling story on its highly interactive website.

With HopeMob, the “mob” swarms the cause with hope by funding the project.  Unlike other platforms that support hundreds of small issues, HopeMob will tell one story at a time and focus all of its collective energy on the one cause.  It will bring to light stories and issues not told elsewhere.  Using “story points,” users can boost a story up through the queue until it becomes the one and only featured story.

“Many donors are interested in direct impact where they can connect with beneficiaries,” said Chip Grizzard, CEO of Grizzard Communications Group.  “We think HopeMob meets the motivations of a younger donor and we are proud to offer our support and partnership to this new giving platform.”

HopeMob, scheduled for launch in late March, already has over 1,000 volunteers from 35 states and six continents committed to making the platform one of the most diverse and socially networked teams ever assembled to do good in the world.

“We tell great stories, have an interactive website and leverage all digital channels in our work,” said Shaun King, HopeMob founder and social entrepreneur. “We are excited to partner with Grizzard, one of the largest fundraising agencies in the world, to help us increase brand awareness, grow our community and integrate our message across our online, social media and mobile platforms.”

HopeMob is accepting pledges for its initial goal of raising $125,000 by Feb. 17.  Donations can be made at the website,

About Shaun King
Shaun King is one of the most respected social entrepreneurs and humanitarians in the world.   His social media and web projects have raised over $5,000,000 for charities benefiting children and families in post-earthquake Haiti, girls being educated all over the world, families of veterans, inner city elementary school students, and natural disaster victims everywhere.  He recently won the Mashable Award for the Most Creative Social Good Campaign in the world.

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